On his 11th Birthday, Jeffery took up archery.  He quickly became very proficient.  Four months later, he won the Junior Division of the International Bow Hunter's Organization ("IBO") California Indoor Archery Tournament.   Jeffery, now the IBO indoor champion, decided he was ready to go bow hunting.  So, with Micro-Extreme in hand and sporting broad head arrows, we headed up to the Big Horn Ranch to hunt Texas Dall Sheep.  He was guided by Grant Werdick. From the top of a cliff, Jeffery drew back and let his arrow fly at a target 40 yards across a ravine.   Much to everyone's surprise, he dropped this ram with a single arrow.  I explained to Jeff that if he wanted to shoot something he would have to eat it.  After caping the ram, we took it home, barbequed it and pretended it did not taste like wet tennis shoes !  It was a great day for hunting and really bad day for eating !!!


One year later, Jeffery returned to Big Horn Ranch with a desire to hunt for the first time with a rifle.  He was accompanied by Jason Zeledon and Julia Dente.  Sporting a Browning .243 BAR, he took a shot at 100 yards at this Corsican Ram.  Much to our surprise, the Corsican Ram did not taste like tennis shoes,  rather it was like eating a fine old barbequed baseball glove.


Jeffery with his friend Jason and his Angora goat.


 Bow Fishing with Jeff


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