Kenai is located on the western coast of the Kenai Peninsula, fronting Cook Inlet. It lies on the western boundary of the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, on the Kenai Spur Highway. It is approximately 65 air miles and 155 highway miles southwest of Anchorage via the Sterling Highway. It lies at approximately 60 33' N Latitude, 151 16' W Longitude.  The area encompasses 29 square miles of land and 5 square miles of World Class Salmon fishing.



Our trip began in Anchorage as we traveled to Soldotna on the Sterling Highway.


Summer was in full bloom.



We stayed in our log home on the lower Kenai River.



On this visit we would become acquainted with Jim Dietz's friends from Oregon and Alaska

Perry, Lori, Dave, Bruce, Jeanie, (Jim), Pat, Richard, Claudia, (Carlee & Jeff)

and Jim's friend, Jim.


In addition, we would refresh our friendship with Ron & Elaine Rainey.


Our typical day in Alaska begins between 4:00AM and 5:30AM.


On this trip, an unusually late run of Sockeye Salmon would extend the fishing day well into the late evening. 


August in Soldotna means the sun would set around 10:00PM, and the sunsets were particularly colorful.


The only thing better than the company and fishing on the Kenai, is the eating!  In the evening, we would share the meal responsibilities and the food was plentiful and tasty. 


Dinner at the Dietz home is a popular past time, which we spent with many of Jim's friends.


However, eating on the Kenai River would not be complete without a stop at Suzie's for her Famous Halibut & Chips.


On the river, the Sockeye were jumping, but, the silvers were only nibbling. 


Despite the reluctance of the silvers to eat, we worked the river hard with Jim's assistance and expertise.


In the end, we managed to catch our share with individual fishermen catching limits on three different days.


On Wednesday, Lori thought she was "King of the River" until Perry reeled in this hog!


Off-shore, Carlee had the hot rod when it came to Halibut, but everyone caught fish.


By week end, the group had harvested well over 500 pounds of fish, filling the freezer with 300 pounds of fillets.


As we left Soldotna, we said "Goodbye" to Perry & Lori...



and to Pat, Dave & Jim...

as well as to all of our Kenai family.


On the way back to Anchorage, we passed glaziers...


and for some reason we decided to stop at a Fish Taco trailer in the parking lot of a train stop, The food was about what you would expect for a train depot parking lot. 


As we traveled along the Sterling Highway, Carlee ran into a ferocious bear.


Despite the appearance, I always had the upper hand on the beast while Carlee was able to safely slip away.


As a gesture of her appreciation, Carlee insisted on dancing for me at a Famous Anchorage strip club.

Fortunately, she would only dance in the parking lot!


As the sun set on our Alaska adventure, we again reflected upon the blessing of new friends...

the pristine wilderness...

the hungry fish...

 and our seemingly endless good fortune.


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