POCA 2006 Las Vegas Rally

The really cool thing about having a web site is the ability to preserve the memory of a great trip with good friends.  Perhaps, the only thing better than preserving the memory is the ability to preserve "your own version of that memory". 

Here is how I remember the trip...

Our Las Vegas Rally began with a 335 mile drive from San Diego to Las Vegas.  I was traveling with Glen, Kevin, Llynne, Phil, Swan, Marshall, Bill and Monse.   Carlee would fly into Las Vegas and meet up with us.  Klaus and Renee had trouble keeping up with the group, so we left them behind.  In Las Vegas we would meet up with Rick, Gigi, Craig, Dan, Brett and the rest of the SD Pantera Club.



We were planning to travel with Matt, except he showed up at the wrong location, at the wrong time on the wrong day...whoops!

As always...My car ran great!


In total, about a hundred cars would show up from as far as South Dakota with around 400 attendees from as far away as Australia & Belgium.



The five day trip was a rough attempt to balance driving, auto repair, gambling, socializing, eating, drinking and bullshitting...with a heavy emphasis on the latter two!


After one particular night of hard partying, Marshall decided to try tell the girls about his accomplishments in the military.  After doubting his stories,  he decided to show up for breakfast in his "full military dress".  No one was quite sure in what branch of the service he actually served.  My guess was he was more or less a "rear" admiral.


Few people realize why Pantera owners are so committed to the brand.  Quite simply, its because the chicks throw themselves at Pantera owners!  Here are just a few of the Pantera groupies hanging around this year's event.


On Saturday, the girls wanted to catch the shuttle into the strip for a bit of sightseeing and shopping.


After running across a poster that reminded the girls of me, they twisted my arm and I agreed to pull off my shirt for a quick photo.  Damn, I still got it!  When I got back to the hotel, I found Renee had stuffed $32 in my underpants.


Track day was like a tapestry woven from testosterone, horsepower, adrenaline and attitude.


As expected, I would fly past Klaus...


but, I would have to call it a day a bit early when I found my new wheels were a little less than cooperative.


Dave would suffer the greatest setback when his rear suspension broke loose.  It was like watching John Wayne see his horse get shot. 


Everyone took a moment to reflect upon our collective good fortune as Dave and his trusty steed returned to the corral, bruised but not beaten.

Phil would also leave his old pal behind when his ring gear decided to walk out on him in the parking lot of the hotel. 

However, we would all have the good fortune to leave the track alive with our cars more or less intact.

With the track events behind us, there was only one thing left to do:  May in Las Vegas means only one thing...time for Klaus to find an Oktoberfest party.  So he did!  We drank, he sang and we all celebrated that we did not have to wear lederhosen.


As the weekend wound down...


it was time to say goodbye...


to all of our friends...


have one more meal...


and head on down the road.


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