Travis's Big Horn Ranch Page

On Day 4 we woke up about lunch time.  Uncle Jeff came home from work about 2:00 and loaded up the Dormobile. 

We headed toward the Big Horn Ranch.  We got there and met two guys one was a cop and the other a school teacher. 

We unloaded the truck and set up camp, made a fire and cooked dinner. 

After dinner we had a cold beer and a Cuban cigar and went to bed.  

Uncle Jeff threw popcorn on us and inside our sleeping bag because he said there were mice all over the place that would climb in our sleeping bags with us during the night.   Mattison tried to set a mouse trap but it broke. 

On day 5, I couldn't sleep at all and then we woke up. 

All the popcorn was gone in the morning so I guess there really were a bunch of mice.  Even the popcorn in our sleeping bags was gone.  That was wierd.

We had breakfast and went hunting. 

First, Mattison nailed an Italian ram and the we saw a bunch of sheep and boars.  I decided I wanted to shoot a  sheep called a Romboullet Ram which is from Asia.

I tried to nail one of the sheeps but I missed, so we went up and had lunch.  Uncle Jeff told me to relax when I shot the rifle.  So next time I breathed slower and tried to relax.

After lunch we went back out chased the heard of rams down the hill and got a shot at one, so I shot again and hit it.  Then it moved into a herd of other rams and it rubbed blood on a couple other ones.  It was hard to figure out which one was hit, so we watched them for a long time So we could figure out what one got hit.  Then we saw some blood on the trail going to one of the rams, so Uncle Jeff figured out what one was hit and chased it down and stuck it with his knife and it died pretty fast.  Then we tried to drag it down a mountain but it was pretty heavy so Uncle Jeff told us to call the guy with a quad and Uncle Jeff dragged it down the mountain.  He's really strong.  When we got to the bottom, the guy with the quad drove it back to the camp for us.

Then we skinned and gutted the rams and got all the meat off of them and then we had lunch and helped some kid chase his pet rabbit that got away.  Then we saw a couple big rattle snakes.  Uncle Jeff said it was good we didn't see the rattle snakes before we had to drag the sheep down the mountain or when we fell through all the bushes.

Then we loaded up the Dormobile and went home.

On the way home we got stuck in traffic and stopped at another mexican restaurant for cow udder tacos and other stuff like cold beer.

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